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Do you have a construction project underway that requires waterproofing? Are you noticing leaks or water damage in your existing residential or commercial structure? Trust ASG Construction & Restoration to protect your property from the elements with foundation repair and waterproofing in Whitby and Durham Region. If you need waterproofing installed and especially if your home is leaking anywhere, do not hesitate to call our team of professional contractors for expert assistance with: 

Crack sealing

Foundation Cracks

Our team of contractors at ASG Construction & Restoration prides itself on providing quality crack sealing/repair services. Let’s face it! Foundation cracks are the last thing we would like to see in our homes. When you notice any such cracks in your home or building, count on our professionals for help. We will inspect and determine the reasons behind the cracks and provide a solution to avoid them from happening.



ASG Construction & Restoration offers external excavation and waterproofing services to clients across Whitby and Durham Region. We take all preventative measures to keep water from entering your basement or crawl space.

Weeping tile replacement

Weeping Tile Replacement

A weeping tile system plays a vital role in preventing water from getting into the basement and protecting the foundation against water damage. We provide comprehensive weeping tile replacement services that are sure to improve the life of your building.

Waterproofing membranes

Waterproofing Membranes

If you are dealing with moisture issues in your building, installing waterproofing membranes can help. These protective coats prevent outside water in the soil from seeping into the concrete and cracks.

Waterproofing membranes

Basement Leaks

Have you noticed signs of water damage in your basement? Do you have a leaky basement? Call ASG Construction & Restoration for help. We provide effective solutions for wet basements and keep your home clean and dry.

Sump pumps

Sump Pumps

Sump pump systems play an important part in controlling the accumulation of water and dampness in basements. If you have a faulty sump pump that requires prompt repair or replacement, call us for help. Our team will work with you in planning and implementing the best approach, and ensure that your pump has a long life.

Why Waterproof?


The importance of quality waterproofing can’t be overstated: it accounts for 2-3% of a building’s construction costs, but faulty waterproofing causes 80% of building defects. Poor waterproofing can lead to cracks, mould, and structural afflictions like concrete cancer. These issues can render buildings unsafe or even uninhabitable, creating liability and insurance issues for landlords and shrinking your home’s resale value. Water leaks also damage carpeting, furniture, and other possessions.


Even if you already have waterproofing, it is important to maintain it and fix tiny leaks and cracks immediately. Call the professionals at ASG to keep your home dry and safe from water damage.


Detailed, Dependable Contracting


Trust ASG to waterproof your home or business.  


Anytime of the Year Is a Good Time to Start Renovating with Us!


Our professionals take up home improvement and interior renovation projects even during cold seasons.

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