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Do you require repairs to existing masonry? Maybe a brick opening size changed/eliminated or a new one created. At ASG Construction & Restoration, we know a few things about repairing brick and stonework. Since we started contracting more than twenty years ago in Whitby and Durham, brick and stone restorations have been the pillars of our service. We take pride in restoring masonry to its original beauty. Trust our masons to help with:



Chimneys left in despair can cause significant water damage. Deteriorated brick, stone, cracked mortar joints, damaged clay flues, and broken caps are expertly repaired by our skilled masons, which is essential to keeping your chimneys safe, functional, and maintain its beautiful appearance.

Bricked Garages

Garages and Home Additions

Masonry adds a touch of elegance to your existing garage or new home addition. Whether you choose brick, natural stone, or man-made stone products, you can be assured they will add value to your home.

Brick Repairs

Brick Repairs

ASG Construction & Restoration offers prompt brick repair services in Whitby and Durham Region. If you have damaged or missing bricks in your home, our professionals will get them repaired and restore their aesthetic appeal.

Block Foundation

Block Foundations and Repairs

If you have are noticing some issues with your block foundation and not sure what they are, call us for help. We will look for the potential cause of the damage and provide you with a quick solution.

Egress Windows


Egress windows are becoming a popular issue due to increased safety awareness. Do you have a finished basement space or bedrooms in your basement? An egress window installed partially above and below grade creates an escape route in any emergency. Renting out your basement? Some municipalities require egress windows according to their by-laws. Make sure you don’t get caught without one, or worse, have a catastrophic incident. Our experienced masons can create the opening in your brick, block, and concrete foundation, install the window, and also make all necessary repairs to the interior of your home. It’s well worth the investment to have one installed today.


Trust ASG Construction & Restoration to build and repair your brick and stone works. Call us today!

before repair of brick floor


After repair of brick floor



Detailed, Dependable Contracting


Trust ASG for beautiful brickwork and masonry.  


Anytime of the Year Is a Good Time to Start Renovating with Us!


Our professionals take up home improvement and interior renovation projects even during cold seasons.

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