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Whether you’re repairing a retail property or putting up a warehouse, you’re going to need a reliable commercial contractor. We’re here in Whitby to help with commercial and industrial contracting jobs throughout Durham Region and the GTA. Our commercial clients rely on us to complete small- and large-scale builds within budget and on time. Call the professionals at ASG Construction & Restoration to handle:

Demising walls

Masonry Repairs

We are the right choice for you when you are in need of commercial masonry services. From helping you build an underway or to restoring your existing structure, we can handle it all. Our team ensures to pay attention to detail at every step of the job.

Demising walls

Concrete Repairs

Concrete projects need to be handled by a professional team to ensure timely completion and long-lasting results. Hence, count on us when you want commercial concrete repairs in Whitby and the Durham Region. Whether you want to install sidewalks or curbs, construct a foundation, or waterproof the basement at your workplace, we can get it done for you.

Loading dock repairs

Warehouse Renovations

From warehouse spraying and cladding repairs to commercial door treatments, we provide all services required for your warehouse renovation project. We can help you re-structure your warehouse by providing private and segmented workspaces. Constructing partition walls to your warehouse or factory helps break up your workspace and separate a process, or add a secured area within the premises.

You can also count on us to construct demising walls. Demising walls have great sound attenuation characteristics. They are cost-effective and lightweight, and require lower labour and material costs.

Loading dock repairs

Loading Dock Repairs

We focus on making your loading dock operations run efficiently. Our professionals will handle concrete and block repairs to help you avoid downtime. Call us for a service that will stand the test of time.

Concrete curbs

Concrete Curbs

Concrete curbs not only enhance the look of a property but also add strength and stability to pavements. Enhance your landscape borders by using our concrete curbing services.



They are a necessary investment for a property as they enhance connectivity. Apart from new installations, our work also involves replacement of sidewalk bays that are damaged or settled overtime.

Office interiors

Office Interiors

Office renovation can have a good impact on your workplace productivity. We can subcontract designers and provide references to help our clients set up a plan and concept. Once the final plan is created, we will construct the space as per the design.

Keep Your Business Up to Code 


A poorly built or unmaintained property is a liability for any business owner. Faulty construction can result in potential damages to your physical assets. A lawsuit from an injured worker or customer on your premises poses an existential threat to your bottom line. Failed inspections detract from your profits with fines and even closures. 


When you bank on ASG, you’re putting your trust in professional contractors who have the know-how to bring your building up to code. Moreover, we’re fully insured, so you won’t be liable if damage is done to your property during construction or if one of our workers is injured on your grounds. In other words, an important part of our service is delivering peace of mind to hard-working people like our selves.


You deserve a solid foundation for your business relationships: call ASG and get building today!


Detailed, Dependable Contracting


Trust ASG for your commercial and industrial contracting needs.  


Anytime of the Year Is a Good Time to Start Renovating with Us!


Our professionals take up home improvement and interior renovation projects even during cold seasons.

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